• Toni

    winter trees
    stark black silhouettes
    etched against the winter sky
    dusk’s radient hues
    herald the approaching night

    A glimpse of the sun setting behind a stand of winter trees always takes my breath away. It can immediately transport me to a place of appreciation and quiet joy.

    August 31, 2014
    • Elizabeth McDonnell

      What a beautiful visual! Thanks so much for sharing – and I agree about winter trees.

      September 01, 2014
  • Kevin McDonnell

    In construction management, the phone is ‘glued’ to my ear, I pace a lot while talking, and look down while concentrating on a conversation. After every phone call, I look up. That’s when magic happens for me, multiple times a day! A detail on a building, a ginko tree about to let loose its fruit, a falcon soaring down Spruce Street looking for a pigeon, or when standing on a scaffold, a panoramic view of the City and all of the surrounding buildings’ hats! Magic comes in many forms; taking minutes to observe every day keeps smiles and good feelings coming. Then, I can pay it forward!

    August 29, 2014
    • Elizabeth McDonnell

      Love this! I always remember how you love to look at the ‘hats’ of all the buildings, especially in the city. It’s a habit that’s stuck with me – the detail most people don’t look up to see.

      August 31, 2014
  • Dearest Friend and Artist!
    First off- thank you for this week’s newsletter and for acknowledging my photography- but most importantly, for remembering the magic we experienced together that day in the snow. I am grateful we have a similar capacity for appreciating the world in this way. Your blog entry today really spoke to me and my own process as every day with my 365 photo/day project I seek out exactly what you so beautifully wrote about: one little moment or slice of magic… The moment that I might miss if I wasn’t paying attention. I started this daily, since May, and have been shocked by the magic I would have missed if I wasn’t allowing myself to be open to it. You asked your readers today: what inspires you? For me, it truly is the natural world and the subtle ways I find connection in what happens around me- my work has become one gigantic circle whereupon the photographs I take become powerful reminders of the messages that I might need in order to feel peace. And today: magic came for me in my email inbox, when a dear friend and talented artist chose to remind me that most of all, we are inspired by one-another. Thank you, thank you.

    August 27, 2014
    • Elizabeth McDonnell

      I’m grateful as well, and I’ve LOVED your photo project! It’s been fun to see your reflections, which are always so beautiful and thoughtfully worded. Thank you for your comment my friend, and for always being such a thoughtful, inspiring presence in my life. May we continue to grow together, always. xo

      August 27, 2014

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