• Kevin McD.

    Observation is a word that comes to mind, but it has always been coupled with the phrase “Stop and smell the roses” for me. I walk fast – everywhere – but many times, I find myself stopping on a dime to look at something of interest. For me, then, “Stop and See” speaks to me!

    August 09, 2014
    • Elizabeth McDonnell

      You always have loved observing! I think that’s a wonderful quality – to really notice small details in the world.

      August 10, 2014
  • S.F.

    I so relate to this experience! I like to remind myself that a feeling of discomfort and struggle can actually be a signal that something productive is happening. The struggle can be difficult while in it, but it’s also exciting. It shows you’re alive! Periods in my life in which I’ve felt unmoored and confused have actually turned out to be incredibly fertile times. It’s why I like the “explore” painting so much, with the image of the boat floating along with no particular destination. I think it’s important to allow ourselves to really experience that feeling of discomfort and confusion, that feeling of being lost, and then to struggle for what we want – rather than panicking, fleeing from that feeling, and settling for what’s easy or obvious.

    August 06, 2014
    • Elizabeth McDonnell

      I love this! and I think you’re so right – what we want is often hidden under the surface, because it’s scary and the path to get there is such an unknown. I hope to keep hearing about your continued exploration :)

      August 06, 2014

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