Welcome! I’m Elizabeth. 














I’m so thrilled you’re here.


I’m here because I love, love, LOVE to create artwork that makes a child smile, catches a baby’s eye with each pop of color, and comforts that tired new mama with an inspiring message as she sits in the nursery. 


I began painting in 2013 after a 12 year hiatus and explored a number of different styles as I relearned how to paint. It was after I had a child of my own that I had my ah-hah moment and realized that I felt the most joy, inspiration, and excitement when creating artwork for children.


Elizabeth McDonnell Wherever we go


I know how important it is to surround our kids with positive messages and to help them feel safe, comfortable, and loved. The art I make is for exactly this purpose: to inspire and nurture each child’s living space with bright color and the company of friendly little animals.

In my shop you’ll find art prints, note cards, monthly stickers, paintings, and much more to come!

I believe in nurturing every child’s joyful curiosity about the world.

I believe in creating cozy, comfortable, beautiful spaces for children to thrive and grow.

I believe that loving each other is simply the best thing we can do. 




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About me

I wasn’t always a full-time artist, but discovered a passion for painting in my early 30’s after my first career left me totally burnt outElizabeth McDonnell

I feel most like myself when I’m out walking in the woods

I adore animals SO MUCH (especially cats and bears)

Nothing makes me smile like my son’s giggles

I love change (even when it scares me)

Metallic colors (gold and silver especially) make me super happy

I believe in everyday magic, miracles, and the fact that transformation is available to us all

I cherish early mornings by myself with tea and my journal

Sharks are fascinating. I’ve loved them my entire life and have snorkeled in a tank with them twice

I moved to Ireland after college with only a friend, a work visa, and a thirst for adventure

Last but not least, I believe in the enormous power of gratitude

Thank you for being here with me!