Welcome! I’m Elizabeth. 














I’m a painter, as well as a lifelong seeker of all things joyful.


I’m also on a mission to create art that reminds us how connection (with ourselves / our children / our families / our friends) makes the world a more wonderful, magical place. 


I create for you, who are building a safe, nurturing, fun, and inspiring home for your kids and family.  

I create for you, who adore little visual reminders that joy, love, comfort, and togetherness are always within reach.

I create for you, who love to remind your friends and family how very special they are.


Elizabeth McDonnell Wherever we go


I began my creative journey because I believe that love and peace are available to all of us, even with busy schedules and commitments, and that the path to connection starts with an open heart.

I believe that we deserve to be delighted on a daily basis, and that creating a home with positive, bright, colorful energy is an important piece of the puzzle.

I believe in nurturing every child’s joyful curiosity about the world.

More than anything, I believe that loving each other is simply the best thing we can do. 




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About me

I wasn’t always a full-time artist, but discovered a passion for painting in my early 30’s after my first career left me totally burnt outElizabeth McDonnell

I feel most like myself when I’m out walking in the woods

I adore animals SO MUCH (especially cats and bears)

I have a deep and nostalgic love for 80’s hair bands

I love change (even when it scares me)

Metallic colors (gold and silver especially) make me super happy

I believe in everyday magic, miracles, and the fact that transformation is available to us all

I cherish early mornings by myself with tea and my journal

Sharks are fascinating. I’ve loved them my entire life and have snorkeled in a tank with them twice

I moved to Ireland after college with only a friend, a work visa, and a thirst for adventure

Last but not least, I believe in the enormous power of gratitude

Thank you for being here with me!